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Our Philosophy

We believe that young people can access their best selves when they are empowered through art and culture. With highly credentialed instructors, students will develop critical thinking skills, strengthen their hand-eye coordination, and increase their capacity to problem-solve and connect ideas. As a result of the progressing curriculum, participants will expand their abilities in nonverbal communication and fine motor skills, their ability to create and imagine, and their understanding of art history and important artists. Classes are taught in a safe and supportive environment, nurturing students’ natural abilities and building upon them.

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Our Approach

Texas Art Conservatory offers intensive eight-week courses of study for students in grades 3-12, designed to develop foundations in technical visual art skills in both 2-D and 3-D media processes. During each eight-week afterschool or weekend course, students will create 5-6 completed pieces which can be used to begin developing a personal portfolio. Each class will be taught by degreed instructors, who are active local artists with expertise in their artform. As courses are added to the program, Texas Art Conservatory will expand its curriculum, offering courses and workshops year round and establish a progressing path for students to develop their skill and artistry.

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Our Commitment

Texas Art Conservatory builds upon the legacy of Texas Boys Choir—and more recently Texas Dance Conservatory—to provide children with high quality fine arts experiences. For more than 70 years we have given children the opportunity to experience and learn about the arts. We are honored to continue strengthening our community through quality programs that empower young people to leave their mark, achieving personal and artistic excellence.

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